20 TOY SURPRISES with SLIME, LOL Surprise Dolls, Disney and More+

FTC This video has free product. All opinions are my own. Here is a clear picture of what is free and what is self purchased. Although I normally do not like mixing free and self purchased. The size of this video required this. All opinions are my own. We are not being paid to make this video.

1. LOL SURPRISE Dance Dance Dance. Self Purchased
2. 5 Surprise Toy Minibrands. Self Purchased.
3. Nickelodeon Slime. Self Purchased.
4. Spongebob Nesting Doll and Lego. Self purchased.
5. Spongebob Mashems. Self Purchased.
6. Yummy World. Self purchased.
7. Green Slime. Self purchased.
8. Hello Kitty. Free product.
9. Hairdorables Hair Jelly. Self purchased.
10. KIdrobot Keith Haring. Free product.
11. 2x LEGO minifigures. Self purchased.
12. Spongebob tokidoki. Self purchased.
13. Nyammy Treats Nyam Sum. Self purchased.


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