Insta360 Camera on Phantom 4 Drone

Insta360 One Camera Pricing & Specs:
Lume Cube Mount for DJI Phantom 4:
The Insta360 One Camera is a 360 degree, dual lens camera with some remarkable features. We tested it in a full review but now we wanted to put it on a drone to see how it does in the air. The footage, while not perfect, is quite amazing. It’s a perspective you can’t get from the camera on the drone because the best shots are of the drone itself in the air. We figured out that you can mount the camera to a Phantom 4 with the mount made by Lume Cube, but be careful! The first time we did it, the camera actually fell off the drone! Check out our test of the Insta360 on the DJI Phantom 4 Pro!


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