Making of | “Children’s Toys”

Created by David Armsby.

“Children’s Toys” is the 3rd animated short in my Autodale series. At least two more are to come. It was really fun returning to this series. I forgot about how fun the imagery and cute/creepy tone are to play with.
This video is behind the scenes of sorts, covering the art and themes behind the short film.

Of the 3 ideas I had, this was the least ambitious and most status-quo. This is never-the-less, a story that I wanted to tell. I tackled it first of the 3 so I could regain my footing in the world I set-up nearly a year ago. The next 2 shorts will shake up the formula.

Being Pretty:

No Monsters:

Children’s Toys:

“God’s Gonna Cut You Down – Instrumental”
Whitesand – Circle of Life
Ross Bugden – Almond Blossom


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